painting: Dripdrops
Dripdrops, Oil on canvas, 2010
65cm x 95cm
painting: In a dark lightness
In a dark lightness
In a dark lightness, Oil on canvas, 2010
150cm x 150cm
painting: Luxuriate gravity
Luxuriate gravity
Luxuriate gravity, Oil and pencil on canvas, 2010
135cm x 195cm
painting: The Hangover
The Hangover
The Hangover, Oil on canvas, 2010
140cm x 215cm

Valerie Dubois

Lives and works in Antwerp

Valerie Dubois works on ornaments. Exploring the boundary between painting and decoration, she seeks to extract from reality the question of subjectivity and objectivity. Influenced by Japanese and animist thinking, Valerie works on the fullness of emptiness. Repetitiveness is a crucial aspect of her work: she repeats action, lines, fragment from previous works so that to become a ritual.

Fine Art Masters in Painting, Academy of Sint-Lukas in Antwerp - Belgium (2010)
Several Group exhibitions "L'abondance" in Antwerp (March 2010) 

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