painting: Duncomponiste
Duncomponiste, Oil on canvas, 2010
144cm x 223cm
painting: Untitled
Untitled, acrylic & oil on canvas, 2010
180cm x 135cm
painting: Barricades
Barricades, Oil on canvas, 2011
160cm x 180cm
painting: The Beginning
The Beginning
The Beginning, Oil on canvas, 2011
180cm x 120cm

Céline Felga

Lives and works in Antwerp.

Celine Felga bases her work on images ranging from media fragments, posters she finds on the streets, freeze frame of films or polaroids.  However, Céline does not simply reproduce the pictures she finds, she reinterprets them through her own “mise-en-scène”. For her, painting  is like making a film, by cutting and editing images. Away from the stranglehold of reproduction, the act of painting should sublime an impalpable instant. At a time where photography did not yet exist, paintings filled the role as a reproduction of reality. However, in the contemporary society where images invade our daily life in great abundance, the role of the painter is to give his interpretation on those overwhelming images.

Born in 1982 in Chatenay Malabry (France)
Painting Diploma - ERG, Institut St Luc in Brussels (2006)
Fine Art Academy (Beaux-arts) - Toulouse (2004)
Numerous solo and group exhibitions, the most recent: solo - Galerie Albuslux, Roosendaal, Netherlands (2012) ; group - Silas Marder Gallery, Bridgehamptons, NY, USA (2012) ; Galerie Luis Adelantado, Valencia, Spain (2011) ; My Private Disaster, Ponyhof Gallery, Brussels (2011) ; Cheating Changes, Ponyhof Gallery, Antwerp (2011)

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