painting: Untitled (Lion and Leopard)
Untitled (Lion and Leopard)
Untitled (Lion and Leopard), Oil on canvas, 2010
110cm x 200cm
painting: Untilled (reindeers)
Untilled (reindeers)
Untilled (reindeers), Oil on canvas, 2009
110cm x 200cm
painting: Untilled (red house)
Untilled (red house)
Untilled (red house), Oil on canvas, 2009
100cm x 200cm

Tinne Raeymaekers

Lives and works in Antwerp.

Tinne Raeymaekers' paintings are mainly figurative. She combines figural representation with abstraction and searches for the right balance between them. She uses images taken from reality and fragments of her daily environment elements as well as shapes and colors that speak to her. With all this, she manages to create a new spatiality on her canvas. These fragments of reality are filled with her fantasy, which gives a strange atmosphere.

Masters in Painting at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Antwerp (Belgium)

Solo exhibition in Oud Turnhout (Belgium)

Group exhibitions: 
2010 - l'Abondance in Antwerp; 2009 - Lien x Tien in Retie.

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