painting: Au jardin (In  the Garden)
Au jardin (In the Garden)
Au jardin (In the Garden), Oil on canvas, 2009
39cm x 49cm
painting: Apnea
Apnea, Oil on canvas, 2009
29cm x 20cm
painting: Terrain Vague (Wasteland)
Terrain Vague (Wasteland)
Terrain Vague (Wasteland), Oil on canvas, 2009
111cm x 173cm

Nicolas Van Kerckhove

Lives and works in Brussels

His pictorial research is orientated towards figuration. Starting from images of daily life, photographs of friends and landscapes, or snapshots found on flee markets, he tries to evoke a more dreamlike and sensitive vision of reality and to create a coherent world where an indefinable conflict takes place between nature and urbanisation, between banality and violence. Nicolas chose painting, a slow, arduous and sleeveless medium at the antipodes of our consuming society, in order to glorify banal scenes. The work of Nicolas can be split in two parts. The large, composed landscape paintings that recreate a tension in an atmospheric, poetic surrounding; and the small scale canvases showing a detail to render the subject matter iconic and emblematic, which gives altogether more power to the image.  The reinterpretation is limited to the choice of framing and what he does and does not show and the way he stages the subject matter - unlike the more composed epic canvases.

Born in 1975 in Brussels (Belgium)
2003 Fine Art Academy of La Cambre – Brussels (Belgium)
Solo Exhibition 2005 - Atelier Mommen – Brussels (Belgium)
Group Exhibitions 2009 – Atelier Mommen; 2001 Cinéma Nova – Brussels (Belgium)


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