painting: The Quiet #8
The Quiet #8
The Quiet #8, Oil on canvas, 2010
120cm x 105cm
painting: Into the Hills then
Into the Hills then
Into the Hills then, Oil on canvas, 2011
110cm x 80cm
painting: Disappearing Act #2
Disappearing Act #2
Disappearing Act #2, Ink on paper, 2010
29cm x 21cm
painting: The Switch
The Switch
The Switch, Watercolour on paper, 2011
76cm x 56cm

Wouter van de Koot

lives and works in Antwerp

The figurative work of Wouter van de Koot consists of paintings, drawings and installations with narrative characteristics. Typical are the attention to detail, the use of negative space and the theatrical atmosphere of his work. In carefully arranged scenes he deals with themes such as  human vulnerability, consolation, mutual dependence, trust, beauty and decay. Sources of inspiration are the medical world, religious representations of sin and hell, images of people in conflict areas, and horror movies.

By ‘cutting out’ parts of the depicted figure he wants to create a distance towards the original indiscrete and explicit images. The tension between the explicit visual language and the esthetic, sensitive and colorful appearance of the work can be conceived as a mockery of the atrabilious or melancholy. For van de Koot creating new works is a way to capture the magic of everyday life and to relate to human vulnerability and shortcomings.

Born in 1978 in the Netherlands
Visual Arts/ Painting Degree from the HKU (Utrecht School of fine Arts), 2001

Numerous exhibitions including:

solo Zondagsgalerij #3, Ponyhof Gallery, Antwerp (BE) 2011; 'White Lies’ | Oever 21 | Antwerp (BE) 2010;  ‘Winding’ | Galerie Janssen & De Vries | Culemborg (NL) 2009;

group Galerie Vriend van Bavink, Amsterdam (NL), 2012; ‘Riffling Through My Drawers’ | Wei Art Space | Eindhoven (NL) 2010; ‘Die Zeit of Drawing’| Climate Gallery | Long Island, New York (US) 2009;  ‘Pand 14 #1’|  Pand 14 | Amsterdam (NL)

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