painting: Enfant + Chien n°11
Enfant + Chien n°11
Enfant + Chien n°11, Markers on paper, 2009
138cm x 120cm

February's pick of the curator - Aurélien Dupuis

Aurelien's very interesting series 'Enfant + Chien' recalls a universal aspect. Almost every one is taking pictures of their friends and family members, and many post them right after on social media platforms. Aurélien methodically seeks those anonymous images, collecting them in large quantities and slowly reproducing them in detail with children's markers.

He likes to use a slow medium to deconstruct the myth of the
unique nature of individuals that is put forward in our society. By systematically collecting naïve and sappy pictures of children with dogs found on the Internet, he highlights this illusion. At the end of the day, we are all similar, to such an extent that it becomes morbid. This is how he introduces memento mori in his work.

The series Enfant + Chien finishes on this work "Enfant + Chien 11", a square format, reproduced from filmmaker Tarkovski’s family polaroids, distancing itself from the other clichés taken from internet social media platforms. This work ends the series and helps to put the rest of the work into perspectives. Aurélien always introduces a standout image in his series, in order to soften the harsh meaning of his work.